Benjamin Terschanski: Reactive Transport Models for Ice Ocean-Interfaces

  Poster from Ben Terschanski

The poster is part of our work within the DFG project "Compositional heterogeneities in the outer ice shell of Europa – a scale-coupled computational study". The project is a collaborative effort with Tina Rückriemen-Bez and Ana-Catalina Plesa at the Institute of Planetary Research (DLR) in Berlin. We investigate ice-ocean phase-change interfaces on the icy Jupiter moon Europa. On this poster, originally issued for the SIAM CSE '23 conference in Amsterdam, we give an overview of the general problem structure and explore robust numerical methods for solidification phase change (here you can find the pdf of the poster).

After fruitful discussions in Amsterdam, we are currently working on the coupling of phase change and flow in our DG-FEM-based numerical framework.