Teaser: Method development

simulated phase-change process © Copyright: Alexander G. Zimmerman

Process Modeling and Simulation

We develop physics-based and data-driven computational models as well as corresponding surrogate models for complex, continuous processes, for example for solid-liquid phase-change, processes in contact films or shallow flows.

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result of a sensitivity analysis © Copyright: Hu Zhao

Methods for Predictive Simulations

Model-based development and decision support require an in-depth understanding of the predictive quality of the models used. To control this, we for instance use Bayesian methods for parameter estimation and model selection as well as probabilistic simulations.

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photo of a penrose triangle © Copyright: Julia Kowalski

Federated Model and Data Architectures

Modeling of a complete system requires the description of its geometry, functionality and relevant processes, as well as its interaction with the ambient environment. We are working on integrating the silo solutions available for the individual levels.

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Teaser: Fields of application

autonomous ice melting robot © Copyright: Clemens Espe

Intelligent Exploration Robotics

We use innovative concepts of model-based development in order to increase the performance of intelligent, autonomous exploration robotics for space and polar applications and to better take into account the influence of extreme environmental conditions.

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Simulated landslide deposit on a generic topography © Copyright: Anil Yildiz

Engineering Climate Change Response

We develop model-based decision support systems including model development and digital infrastructure in order to facilitate the planing and implementation of engineered solutions against the effects of climate change.

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The employees of our group regularly publish scientific results in various media.

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Research projects

Here, you find a summary over our research projects.

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The chair is very well networked and participates in several collaborations, both within RWTH Aachen and with national and international partners.

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